martedì 30 dicembre 2008

Bletaverse for second life

I'm reading on Vint Falken blog that a new blog service is spreading out for second life users.....I'm quite new in second life, but it seems that Bletaverse, this new service is quite interesting....

I tried also some weeks ago Bloghud, that is offering also some crosspost options for crossposting from sl to bloghud and from bloghud to wordpress and blogspot blogs and I think it is cool service, too

I'm quite impressed by the numbers of Bletaverse, they claim to have already thousands of is quite interesting because it is a relative new service....

In the comments Vint Falken and others suggest Bletaverse to introduce new features for Bletaverse in order to get more comfortable for already networked people....

I have Koinup, Flickr, Myrl, Avatars United account so I particolarly would welcome the crosspost option from Bletaverse to Koinup, which is a popular hangouts for many second life citizens

venerdì 19 dicembre 2008

Sims Artists Community

Just stumbleupon this nice stuff on Digg
It is about this fantastic example of Sims Art

martedì 16 dicembre 2008

Myrl Badges

Myrl Introduce the Widget!
I'm quite fond of Widgets, so I welcome positvely this recently add from Myrl!
The Myrl Badge is very nice and specific for virtual worlds

can't I miss to add it on my sidebar? no, I can' look at your right side and see how nice the badge is....

domenica 14 dicembre 2008

Sims 2 Dark Pictures

Dark Sims Visions by Violentdoll

she is a great artist, one of the best I'm subscribing on Koinup!
Have a look with your eyes! Violentdoll

venerdì 7 novembre 2008

Open Sim launched on Koinup

This is a sort of serendipity.....
I tried Open Sims some weeks ago......
some days ago I suggest to Koinup to launch a OpenSim channel on their platform and today they released it!

I'm not an avid users of the Open Sim world but I have installed the client and sometime I make a travel there.....

I'm glad Koinup opened an OpenSim channel because it is an interesting project and I'm glad that there is now a website where the contents from Open Sims are collected and listed all together.....

giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

Virtual Hangouts

There is growing trends in virtual worlds hangouts for crossworld gamers.....
First was Koinup, later came AvatarsUnited and recently Myrl

Each of these sites has some specific features...

Koinup is most used by Second Life people
while Avatars United seems more focused on mmorpgs and myrl focused on new social worlds as Twinity, Vivaty and Habbo

they are also different in regards of approach. Myrl is more like a Digg-like environment, while Koinup is more focused on a UGC approach similar to Youtube or Flickr. AvatarsUnited seems instead based on gilds or something

lets wait and see if they will add new features in the next months!

martedì 28 ottobre 2008

Avatar Pictures or Avatar Art

which is the main difference between the avatar art concept and the avatar pictures

Koinup Launched an Avatar art......project

maybe they want to show that avatar is a sort of new canvas for self expressions....

have a look please

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

Avatar Machinima

<a href="">Avatar Art. The best canvas is...</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">pier</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

Flickr support from virtual worlds webservices....

Several virtual worlds webservices offer support for uploading on Flickr!
Just read this Koinup Blog entry on their Second Life Flickr Support

Indeed also other plaftorm offer similar options, for example SL Buzz and SL Profiles

giovedì 9 ottobre 2008

Second Life Machinima

I found this great series of articles on SL Machinima on NWN!

New World Notes is keeping tracked all the new entry in the machinima scene of Second Life....and I love very much is recent article on Lainy Voom new great artwork!

I also keep my eyes always focused on this great Koinup Second Life Machinima Page

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

Second Life and Metaverse Places

If yoou are wondering how difficult is to find a place in Metaverse....
well the answer is yes., is quite difficul

the reason is that we don't have tool for see with at a first glance how is,or where is a particolar places....or where it is possible to find a particolar scenery

This NWN article on Second Life Places is quite interesting!

And even more interesting is the Koinup project devoted to Second Life locations

We need these kinds of project to orient better in metaverse.....
I hope others will add something similar very soon!

domenica 14 settembre 2008

Screenshots or Photography

Interesting Post over at Koinup blog
about Second Life Photograph

Koinup blogger is wondering if we have to consider SL screenshots as simply screenshots or effective photos....

I think that not only Sl screenshots are art, but also screenshots from other virtual worlds...

lunedì 28 luglio 2008



sabato 5 luglio 2008

Prisoners in Virtual Worlds

Far away III

I love IMVU Neko girls....

arctic wolf

Nice SL Pics!


martedì 20 maggio 2008

There Postcards to Koinup

the crew of Koinup has enabled the Send Postcards feature from There to Koinup

Its a great tool for the There Com Community on Koinup

Here you can find a tutorial: to learn how to send the postcards, from There to Koinup, without saving them to your hard disk!

venerdì 2 maggio 2008

A Postcard from Your Friend

A Postcard from Your Friend
Originally uploaded by mforiero

just testing the new upload email postcards from There to Flickr, from Flickr to Blogger! Its a magic that with only a click I have the chance to spread pics....resting inworld......

martedì 8 aprile 2008


Originally uploaded by mforiero

giovedì 20 marzo 2008


venerdì 22 febbraio 2008

Second Life Photo Contest


This one, is an amazing entry!
Are you agree with me

Check it out the contest, here

again, on avatar art!


Regarding Avatar Art, I found this amazing piece on IMVU headquarter in Koinup,
this artworks is created by VampiricPhoenix

venerdì 8 febbraio 2008

Avatar Art

I think that with the growth of amazing virtual worlds as vSide, IMVU and There
there is a room for a new kind of virtual art......I think that we could call it: avatar art

from this point of view, one of the best place to get amazing avatar pictures is my fav website: Koinup

lunedì 21 gennaio 2008

Looking for Freebies in Vside


I were hanging aroung vSide and looking for some freebies.....

I would like to change my look with something less "newbie".....

unfortunately, it does seem that in vSide there is no free items.......all you can see has its own cost.....

I just published some pics of my unlucky hunt.........on the vSide forum and on Koinup!



I'm Mforiero! I'm a virtual addicted! I call myself a virtual photographer!

Here I'm in vSide!
What is vSide? it is a nice and creative virtual worlds
here you can find some other amazing photos of vSide